Choose to Be Free

  • Free Speech

    The spirit of the first amendment of the United States Constitution is also captured in New Hampshire's Constitution, Articles 5, 22, 30, and 32. It is the most unpopular sentiments whose expression is in most need of protection. I will always support and exercise this right.

  • The Bearing of Arms

    Article 2a of the New Hampshire Constitution refers to the right of the people of New Hampshire to arm and defend themselves. I stand against those who infringe upon it.

  • Taxation

    Taxation is theft. Attempts to argue this fact invariably amount to re-defining one or both terms, justification, rationalization, appeals to emotion, and other rhetorical ploys. I will always work to reduce taxation because, primarily, it is immoral, and secondarily, the distribution of the stolen funds is often replete with corruption, ineptness, and other unintended consequences. Raising taxes during a pandemic, such as it is, will contribute to economic collapse.

  • Regulation, licensing, and compliance

    Free markets self-regulate via consumers and competitors. Government involvement in business is wrong, costs consumers, favors large, powerful businesses over small ones, and serves as a make-work program for bureaucrats, who ultimately suffer the opportunity cost of not having spent their valuable time learning productive skills. The cumbersome intrusions of regulation, licensing, and compliance create a feedback loop of deadweight loss that stifle the economy.

  • Education

    Education is a natural and inevitable process which characterizes human beings. When the state has dominion over the learning process, it determines the content and nature of, and circumstances under which, children learn. Government is not impartial or objective. It is made up of fallible people, just as any other institution, and, as such, will be just as tempted to abuse the formidable power over children that our public school system has grown to claim. It is abhorrent for unaccountable bureaucrats to control our young, who have no legal, social, financial, or practical standing to affect, or criticize, let alone refuse, a product they are forced to consume and taxpayers are forced to bankroll.

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